What Makes Us Unique

Here at Balanced Health Solutions, we say we're unique, not necessarily better than other choices you may have available to you.

The biggest differentiating factor is that we strive to discover the cause of your health problem(s).

For example, if you've been to other healthcare providers, there is a good chance they were focused only on the symptom. And where has that gotten you? Chances are, if you are reading this webpage, it hasn't gotten you very far. You still have the symptoms that you want help with. You still suffer with them on a daily basis and you want help. Well, if your interested in finally fixing the problem, then you have reached the right place.

Let' face it. Focusing on symptoms may not be the best strategy for your improved health. For example, let's say you have pain travelling down your left arm...is that necessarily a left arm problem? It could actually be a heart problem showing up as left arm pain. Can you see how only focusing on the symptom is not in your best interest?

Same thing applies to the many secondary conditions of which you may be experiencing. Treating the symptom may not do your body much good...in fact it may just prolong your suffering.

At Balanced Health Solutions, we are committed to finding the PRIMARY condition and treating that. (Think of the primary condition as the cause).

For example, the Primary Condition that I see most often in patients just like you is called: "Neuro-Immune-Metabolic Syndrome". In fact, there's a good chance you are unfamiliar with this term, so let's define it.

Neuro-Immune-Metabolic Syndrome (NIMS) is a collection of potential causes that affect the functioning of your body in a negative manner.

When I am determing if I can help you, here are some of the common problems that let's me know you indeed have NIMS:

  • Stomach Problems
  • Colon Problems
  • Small Intestine Problems
  • Gall Bladder & Liver Problems
  • Autoimmune Issues
  • Brain And Nervous System Imbalances 
  • Blood Sugar Abnormalities 
  • Adrenal Gland Imabalances 
  • Thyroid Imbalances 

And it matters not if you're having symptoms in any of those body systems or not. Remember, those are examples of the PRIMARY condition, which differ from the SECONDARY condition (i.e. the symptoms.) Does that make sense?

Bottom line is, what makes us so unique is our comprehensive approach to correcting your health problems AND the fact that we don't let symptoms guide us in your care. We give you what you need based on our objective findings.

Because we are vastly different than other types of health care options available to you, we have many patients that travel far and wide to seek our services. Click here to get directions.

If what you have read thus far interests you, and you'd like to learn more then call my office for a consultation & evaluation. (If you're interested in this, we advise that you call now because there is a 2 - 3 week wait time until our first available appointment.

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