How We Work

Results You Can Count On
When you seek help from us, you can expect to see desirable and sustainable changes in how you approach your body, your health and your overall well-being. You can also expect to see results quickly; but please keep in mind that individual healing time is dependent on various factors...therefore everyone heals at a different rate. (With that in mind, our number one goal is to get you better in the absolute shortest period of time).

Regardless of your previous health improvement attempts, you will be told if we can help you or not. If we think we can help you, then we will proceed to discover the cause of your pain and/or dysfunction. Your time or money won’t be wasted when you decide to work with us.

You will have confidence knowing that your health and well-being are our utmost concern.

No matter what your current health situation, when you work with Balanced Health Solutions you will increase your ability to succeed in achieving your health and wellness goals.

Health Correction Will Come With A Lot Less Struggle And Effort!

Our Guiding Beliefs:
Health Development isn't about strenuous exercise, starving yourself, or anything drastic like that. At Balanced Health Solutions; when we talk about health, we include not only how you feel (although that is very important), but also your neurological health. When your body is neurologically balanced, your body functions better and as a result your body is then able to reduce any Secondary Conditions you might have.

Becoming healthy and staying healthy can be a fulfilling and life-changing experience. But once you know what you want to achieve, you will build a strong foundation in your spine, your health and in yourself. Then you can truly enjoy the journey AND the fruits of your labor.

Wouldn't It Be Reassuring To Know That The Approach You Choose Is Based On Sound Health Corrective Techniques And Advice?

We've also noticed that with many healthcare practitioners, that they oftentimes treat everyone the same. And while that may work for some, here at Balanced Health Solutions, we think...

There Has Got To Be A Better Way:

At Balanced Health Solutions, we have a far different approach. We start by taking a thorough case history, where we learn what brings you to the office. We also learn about your past medical history, that way we can be certain that we fully understand your condition and how it affects your life. We then will explain in detail more about how we plan to help you, and what to expect throughout the process. We never want you to feel intimidated or fearful of being in our office. We actually do our best to create a positive healing environment for your comfort.

At Balanced Health Solutions, There Is No Limit To What You Can Achieve!

Neuro-Immune-Metabolic Correction – this is what we do. Because there is so much mis-information regarding health correction, we are committed to educating not just you, but the public in general. We regularly hold health lectures in the office. We do this because with knowledge comes power, and with power you can improve the level of your health. Is that something that would interest you?

Nowhere Is Knowledge More Powerful Than In Regard To Your Health And Well-Being.

What Makes Us So Unique?
First, our unique approach. We start by focusing on discovering the cause (the Primary Condition) of your symptoms (your Secondary Conditions). And as we discover the cause, then the treatment becomes quite apparent. This approach is unique because rarely, if ever, does the conventional medical model look for causes. [Not that treating symptoms is bad, it’s just that doing so will only lead to recurring symptoms and potentially causing you to feel frustrated]. Once the cause has been found, we’ll do our best to help you in any way possible. We offer you cutting-edge care plan, and most of all...a caring approach.

Dr. Medina’s uncommon blend of personal commitment and broad expertise. As a Chiropractic Physician for over 16 years, he understands the neurological aspects of your spine and he knows how to balance neurological function (without twisting or bending the spine); and when the body’s neurological components are balanced...then secondary conditions can clear up. He has taken advanced training in alternative healing methods, including a cutting-edge approach called "Functional Medicine".

Our unwavering commitment. We provide a unique blend of on-going coaching and education that supports you - from surviving to thriving - along your entire journey. It is our goal that you become a healthy, vital person. We know it’s possible, we see it happen everyday and we know that your healing power resides inside you. All you have to do is express more of your healing potential.

If you can imagine it…you can achieve it.

We provide a unique blend of neuro-metabolic balancing and health improvement techniques – based on sound science – that improves nerve system integrity and improves your body's ability to adapt to stress!

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach & philosophy of working with our patients; click here to learn how we can help help you.