We Offer Corrective Health Programs That Treats The Underlying Reason For Your Health Problems.

We work with people of all ages who struggle with various problems relating to pain and other physical dysfunctions. We also work with people that are interested in higher levels of function and well-being.

Our corrective plan of action is designed for people who want to gain health by correcting the underlying problem, but are unsure about the best approach for them. They want to know the most effective strategies for correcting their problem, and as a result they get to experience a life full of vitality! (For some, that may include returning to work with the ability to do their best job, for others that may mean being able to play with their grandchildren without limited mobility; every person has a reason for visiting Balanced Health Solutions).

What separates us from other healthcare professionals is our ability to identify the cause of your pain and ill-health. And because of this; our patients experience freedom from pain, enhanced energy, greater quality of sleep, more mobility, and as a result higher levels of happiness.

Patient Profile
Exactly what kind of people participate in corrective health programs at Balanced Health Solutions?

Our Patients Typically Can Relate To One Or More Of The Following Scenarios:

• They’ve been to more than one doctor or healthcare professional in an attempt to overcome a health problem.
• They’ve taken many medications in an attempt to rid themselves of symptoms.
• They’ve been to many types of health professionals (including family doctors, internists, immunologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, orthopedists, etc); mostly with little-to-no lasting benefit. (That's not to knock these professions as they do wonderful work; it's just that many people that seek our services have already seen them and they come to us a last resort). - We are glad to say that people succeed under our care and guidance.
• They oftentimes have been told they have to “Just Live With It”.
• They have even been told “It’s All In Your Head”.

Patients that choose our corrective care are most successful when they have many of the following characteristics: If these sound like you, then you are likely to be someone we can help and someone we'd enjoy having as a participant in one of our Neuro-Metabolic Corrective Programs.

• A compelling reason for becoming healthy and building on that health for life - They have a 'why' that keeps them interested in building their health, even when it seems like they will never get better.
• Willingness to take action - They are action-oriented, open-minded and have a winning attitude.
• Instinctively know what is right – They know that treating symptoms doesn’t make sense, and in the long-run doing so is useless. They also know that treating symptoms is potentially harmful to their body; because the cause is still there “brewing”, for problems to possibly manifest later.
• Willing to invest in themselves - They are committed to lasting results - achieving their optimal health and well-being - not just temporary quick fixes.

What Do Our Most Successful Patients Expect Of Us?

• They expect us to help discover the cause of their health problems.
• They expect us to relate our findings to them in an easy-to-understand manner.
• They expect us to tell it to them straight, and not to “sugar-coat” it.
• They expect us to give quality of service and provide the best of care possible.
• They expect us to be on the cutting-edge of health care, and keep them informed of any developments in health improvement strategies.
• They expect us to continually improve how we can better serve and provide on-going value for them.

And finally, they expect us to continually improve how we can better serve and provide on-going value for them.