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   Dear Friends,


   All too often it’s the doctor who gets all the information about the patient, and the patient gets little information about the doctor. I would like to change that. Read this article and understand a little bit more about me and my practice.


   My full name is Joseph Francis Medina and I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I began my college studies at the University of Illinois and then continued on with my professional training at the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri.


   After what seemed like forever, I graduated from chiropractic school in 1996. During my chiropractic studies, I also obtained a certificate in Meridian Therapy (which includes the study and practice of acupuncture). In my spare time I enjoy reading and traveling.


People Often Wonder How I Decided On Becoming A Chiropractor. Here’s That Story…


   I was inspired to become a Doctor of Chiropractor because while I was a child my father was helped by a chiropractor, when traditional medical care failed him. At such a young age I thought it was cool that the body had an inborn ability to heal itself…all without the use of drugs or surgery. As I witnessed the improvement in his health, I knew that I had to be a part of the healing profession known as Chiropractic.


   I’ve chosen to devote my life to the healing arts because of the satisfaction I get from seeing people overcome various health problems. Oftentimes people come to my office and they tell me that their doctor told them they would have to learn to live with their health problem. When someone tells me that; I tell them “Don’t Believe It”. I tell them that because they have not yet tried Neuro-Metabolic Chiropractic care. The type of corrective chiropractic care I provide is what oftentimes helps people to the next level on their journey to becoming healthy. Perhaps it can help you too!


   With that being said, let’s be clear here, I do not do the healing to your body. I am just the facilitator in your healing. Your body does all of the healing.  


   I believe with all my heart in the principles of alternative healthcare which are that the body has within it an inborn healing capacity, which is known as innate intelligence. As Deepak Chopra, MD has stated, “All disease results from the disruption of the flow of intelligence”, so it is the role of the neurological-based chiropractor to release that intelligence with what I call Neuro-Metabolic Correction. The living body has the capacity to heal itself, all it needs is to be free from interference…and chiropractic care helps to do just that.




What Are Some Of The Sources Of This Interference?


   Great question.


   The sources of the interference can be in the nerve system (and that includes the brain), and if so, then this will result in a wide-range of health problems. Let’s find out why.


   In order to understand this, we must first look at how the body works. The brain’s purpose is to send vital messages to the body; these messages travel through the spinal cord and then through the spinal nerves.


   You also must know that the spinal cord is protected by the spinal vertebrae/bones; and these spinal bones allow for movement of the spine. Because these bones have a wide range of motion, they can move too far out of position and become “stuck” out of position. With one or more of the these spinal bones out of place, they can impinge upon either the spinal cord or the spinal nerves…and this impingement/pressure is NOT a good thing.


   One of the most common problems that I treat is called "Neuro-Disconnection Syndrome". Basically, there is a disconnection in the nerve system...and this disconnection can cause a multitude of secondary conditions...such as: neck pain, poor posture, headaches, low back pain, numbness or tingling, fibromyalgia, insomnia, etc. The reason why these symptoms result from NDS are very detailed and is beyond the scope of this article. Let’s just say that NDS results in stress in the nerve system including the brain and spinal cord;  and that stress can cause widespread symptoms.    


   My strategy for your improved health include eliminating the Neuro-Disconnection Syndrome (if you have it). As you can see, I do not (and can not) offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your well-being…it’s just not that easy.


   When I contemplate the basic truths about how the body works and the strategies to improve body function (resulting in improved health), I believe and KNOW within my heart that I am doing God’s work. While in Chiropractic College, I had an instructor that always said that chiropractors do God’s work here on earth; and back then I didn’t believe him…now I do - without a shadow of a doubt!!!


What I Believe


   I believe with all my heart in how I practice and always strive to improve it. I know I give excellent service for a fair fee. I want to help people be the best they can be, so they can live up to their true health potential. I want you to refer your friends and family to me because it’s the right thing to do. It wouldn’t be fair to have such a wonderful healthcare system, such as Neuro-Metabolic Chiropractic care, and then keep it to yourself. When you share your success story with others…you in turn get to touch someone’s life in a very special way.


Why I Chose Stark County


   I established this healing space in Stark County because first of all this is where I live, but more importantly I see a real need here for safe & effective alternatives. In Stark County and the surrounding areas, people need to know they have choices when it comes to their healthcare. (Go ahead and read that last sentence again).


   I help them to become educated in natural alternatives to traditional medical care. (Please keep in mind, I think medical care has its place just like any healing modality, it’s just that conventional medicine tends to be abused and misused.) 


   I am convinced that when the truth is told about how the body functions and the simple things that can be done to push the body toward more full expression of life…that Stark County and the world can be transformed into a state of health and wellness. This is not only possible, but it is happening right now at this very moment.


My Purpose


   The whole purpose of my practice is to help your body to heal itself, and when your body gains health...you are then that much closer to your true health potential. And as that happens, your secondary conditions tend to clear up too. Imagine what it will feel like to get rid of your headaches, neck & back pain, dizziness, numbness in your arms/legs, etc.


   My promise is to help you reach your goals in the absolutely shortest time possible; however you must also know that healing is a process and as such it may take some time.  


My Uniqueness...The Difference That Makes A Difference?


   What makes my practice unique is the fact that I don’t let symptoms guide me in the care of my patients. Instead of treating treating symptoms, I look for reason why the symptom is there and treat the cause. I am unique in that I take a holistic view of the body. When someone seeks my help; they are not just merely a collection of various symptoms. I treat everyone as a unique individual – because they are just that – UNIQUE!




How I View My Patients


   In regard to the relationships I have with my patients, I view it in very much the same way as a coach-athlete relationship. In our partnership I am the coach, and I will coach you in the best way possible. Please keep in mind there are certain things that need to be done in order to get healthy and there are no short cuts in that goal. Basically, my job (as I see it) is tell you the truth about your healing and to make the best recommendations possible; and your job is to make the appropriate choices for you.


My Promise To You


   My personal promise to you is that I will listen to you as a person, with open ears and an open heart. What’s important to you IS important to me. I promise that I will always be on the lookout for your best interest and I do that by investigating and studying any and all health information that I think will benefit you.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


   If what you have read so far speaks out to you and makes sense…then great!!! I invite you to visit my office and get a sense of what lies at this place called Balanced Health Solutions. If you enjoy your experience, then please stay and improve the quality of your health. And if for some reason, you do not resonate with our healing environment; we honor your choice and wish you the very best on your quest for better health. (And if you need a referral, I'm always glad to do that too).


My Committment To The Community


   In my effort to spread a healing message across Stark County and beyond…I am committed to educating the public on various health topics. Toward that end I am offering myself to your places of employment, to your places of worship, to your organizations & clubs; even to your home if you so desire. I will come and present to your group with all that I’ve got. Some of the available topics are listed here:


Ø      ADD & ADHD – What You Can Do To Have A More Peaceful Child

Ø      Raising Healthy Families – Common Sense Approaches To A Healthier Life

Ø      How to Maximize Your Energy And Kick-Start Your Metabolism

Ø      Seven Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight…And What To Do About It



   If you are interested in having me share with your group or organization, please call me at 330-433-0275 and let me know how I can be of service. I’ll be glad to speak with you.


   Thanks for reading and as always…



Enjoy The Process…Enjoy The Journey…Tell A Friend


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